Best lcd tvs

best lcd tvs

Along with the advancement in technology and launch of digital television transition, there are a variety of televisions that were produced to enhance consumer's watching experience with their televisions. A consumer can choose from the various models of LCD TVs, HDTV and the most recent innovation is the 3D TV.

However, it is important to know first the basic stuff about LCD TVs. Listed here are the factors you have to consider before buying.

Let me explain them briefly:

1. Picture Quality

This is an important aspect as your viewing experience depends on the image quality of your screen. You do not want to spend your hard earned money on a low quality TV,do you? That is why checking the screen resolution is important. Typically, they are indicated with symbol like 1080p or 720p, suggesting that you get a 1280×720 pixels and 1920×1080 pixels correspondingly. As expected, the larger the value for your pixel resolution the higher the chance you acquire a great image display.

2. Specific Measurement

Wide screen LCD TVs are getting popular that it is tempting to buy one for your home. On the other hand, a lot of customers easily jump in investing to big flat screen TV only to return them the next day because it is too big for their space. To avoid such inconvenience, you must do your homework first and measure the size of the TV table that you prefer to use. If you're mounting it on your wall, you should do some measurements before anything else. One more thing to take into account is your watching point and eye level. In the event you desire to lay on the sofa while you're watching the TV, measure the distance between your sitting place and your TV table. Ideal measurement states that you enjoy great picture display when you sit anywhere from a distance of 1.5 to 3 times the TV's display size.

3. Input/Output

It is now a common feature for the modern HDTVs to be able to interconnect your other electronic gadgets to your TV like digital cameras, video player, and other high tech AV devices around. Know your personal preference when it comes to TV. Will you want to listen to music while using it as a computer monitor? Or maybe you are one of those people who enjoy watching family videos and pictures in a bigger screen. A good 32 inch TV must consist at least three HDMI cable.

4. Quality Of Sound

You have to remember that sometimes the best deal in the market is not the real "best deal" as you may find the product's bad quality later on. You may be upset when you experience sound trouble while watching or listening to music. Quite often, a person doesn't have,in any manner, to try the quality of sound a particular TV model can deliver. Search for reviews of previous buyers and be keen on any issues about the speaker system of the TV. There are several low cost LCD televisions that performs well on the picture performance but have a very low sound. Furthermore, this trouble can be solved by cheap sound system or speakers. You may consider to do a few research online as you can easily find a cheap alternative for this dilemma.

These are the four important things you must learn about LCD TVs. Having said that, there are other information that you should take into account. Another important key to keep in mind that I failed to go over here is the contrast ratio and the brightness of your TV.

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